Moonlight IQ secures first client in China

Moonlight IQ, the global finance and technology communications firm, has announced it has secured its first Chinese client, Winner Futures. Winner Futures is a Direct Market Access (DMA) specialist providing high-speed access to the Chinese equities and futures markets. In 2020 Winner Futures engaged Moonlight to develop the messaging, create branding and build a new website. Not only is this the first client in China for Moonlight but it is also the first joint client with Drebbel, the end-to-end FinTech sales services company with whom Moonlight signed a partnership agreement last year.


In addition to the new website Winner Futures also wanted to rework their core messaging and positioning. The new website explains the company’s unique offering of providing access to all trading and support services for firms in Europe and the US looking to access both futures and equities markets in China.


John Norris, co-founder and director of Moonlight IQ, said: “Although we have many years’ experience of working with clients across Asia it is exciting to secure our first Chinese client. Winner Futures provides the gateway to the Chinese Markets and it has been great to be a part of their business development and to develop their messaging and build the website, enabling access to the Chinese markets for companies around the world.”


Norris added: “It is also a testament to our partnership with Drebbel that our first client came only weeks after securing our partnership, highlighting the need for the holistic offering of marketing/PR and sales within the financial technology market.”


Li Meng, ProgrammeDirector at Winner Futures, said: “It was great to be able to work with Moonlight IQ to build our new website. We needed something that would appeal to a global market and relay our key messages to our potential business partners, and Moonlight IQ were able to deliver this quickly and efficiently.”

Moonlight IQ is a global communications agency offering a wide range of services to an array of international clients in the financial and technology industries. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, the company provides branding, communications and marketing to ensure that a client’s value and message are effectively communicated. It recently partnered with Drebbel to offer a complete service for clients looking to further their profile in the media whilst increasing sales and revenues.


Winner Futures provides all trading and support services for companies looking to enter the Chinese futures and equities markets. Their unique offering of ultra-low latency co-location and connectivity services along with their first-hand knowledge of the markets and connections with some of the top 10 brokers in China means they provide the fastest and most comprehensive access to the Chinese markets.