Wondering how comms pros with sector understanding can make your brand more successful? Wonder no more!

Communicating with the target audience is a crucial part of business success: this is how you connect with prospective clients, get brand recognition and respect within your industry. To be impactful, the communication methods used must follow an effective approach, which includes:

  • Communicating the company’s USPs.
  • Content that is jargon-free that the audience can relate to and understand.
  • Appearing in front of the decision makers.
  • Creating a strong, positive reputation for the brand and the spokespeople.

In overcrowded industries, such as the FinTech sector which is currently going through a consolidation phase (as discussed in our previous blog), it can be difficult to internally assess your differentiators and the true benefits that set you apart from your competitors. Communications professionals can be a great resource in understanding your brand’s messaging and how this can be presented to the right people. However, many comms companies struggle to grasp the complex concepts of the more technical B2B sectors such as finance and technology. A communicator with sector knowledge and experience can be areal asset in devising a successful strategy.

Understanding Industry-Specific Language

If your company operates in technology, commodities and/or financial industries, you would have probably come across or used a communications agency that is puzzled by the details of your industry. At times, months can pass before you realise the message put out into the world by your agency is not the right one for your needs. Or that all the suggestions being made are not quite right, sometimes even completely missing the key points. Many of our clients have experienced this with agencies they have previously used, because of some comms professionals’ inability to understand complex, sector-specific topics.  

A communications agency specialising in your sector, which understands highly technical products and services and the industry-specific jargon, brings several benefits to the table:

  • Onboarding takes less time due to the agency’s expertise and ability to understand your business.
  • Complex topics are understood quickly and can be translated into relevant and impactful communications for your audience.
  • Ability to target publications that are important to your audience.
  • Pertinent feedback on collateral and ease of creating content for the brand.
  • Curated lists of awards and events for your company.

Essentially, having someone who can understand sector-specific terms when communicating is similar to having someone who speaks the same language as you. All internal and external communications become easier.

Communicating Clearly to Specific Audiences

It is common for companies to address audiences in multiple verticals and geographies. With technical industries, such as trading, the communications team will perform much better and be able to deliver the right messages if they understand the different verticals relevant to the client’s products or services. They will then be able to create the right messages for each segment of the target market.

For example, a company may need to target hedge funds, exchanges,and wealth managers internationally, as well as focusing on CTOs and business people. Each sector, region and position will require messaging specific to each segment’s pain-points. By addressing these in a targeted manner, companies can appeal to prospects and clarify the value of their products and services. Creating tailored communication strategies also entails a deep understanding of each part of the audience’s industry-specific language. A businessperson, such as the CEO, will respond well to high-level messaging,whereas a CTO will benefit from knowing the product specifics.

Accurate communication is extremely important as it:

  • Helps deliver a clear message to the audience.
  • Build and improve your reputation in the markets, which is particularly valuable for companies working in sectors that are often under scrutiny.
  • Helps position the company and spokespeople as industry leaders.
  • Reaches the correct audiences with messages that resonate.
  • Builds trust with external stakeholders

Greater Ability to Navigate Industry-Specific Issues

Last, but not least, a communications agency that specialises in your industry will be able to navigate trade-specific issues.These can range from regulatory changes and innovations that may impact the business, to topics that are of interest in your sector. As a result, the agency will be able to provide pertinent, up-to-date, creative content ideas around timely subjects to cement the business’s image and expertise.

It also means that you will receive valuable help with crisis management and acquisitions. Having sector knowledge will help your communications experts understand your company’s goals and the audience in depth. This means they will know where to efficiently target your message and the language which will resonate with your prospective and existing clients, as well as potential acquirers.  

Having communications professionals who understand your industry will ease the collaboration in every way: from content creation to strategic communications, your agency will be able to serve your needs faster and with more accuracy. This in turn will help position your brand in the industry and reach your desired audiences. in other words, it will deliver tangible results.

Having been founded by two former Dow Jones professionals with backgrounds in trading and financial product marketing, we have an in-depth understanding of the financial, technology and commodity sectors. If you are interested in discussing how we can help, please contact us.