Case Study

From Start-up to Acquisition: How Metamako Leveraged Moonlight IQ's Financial Technology PR Expertise

Metamako, a FinTech company focused on ultra-low latency trading technology, engaged with Moonlight IQ (MIQ) in December 2013. The company was a very small, Sydney-based start-up at the time the collaboration started, and commissioned MIQ for a product launch. The aim of the collaboration was for MIQ to offer communications support as the company introduced its products to the sector and we were engaged for our basic package.

Moonlight was recommended to Metamako by STAC.


Metamako was a start-up with no industry presence and was looking to gain brand visibility and credibility while educating the trading sector on its unique offering. At the time of the engagement, the company was planning to launch its first product and needed a partner with FinTech PR expertise to carry the message to the wider sector and do so to very tight deadlines. Because of the nature of Metamako’s products it was exceptionally difficult to get clients to agree to go public, so thought leadership played a crucial role in getting Metamako into the press.


MIQ identified that due to the highly technical nature of Metamako’s products it was critically important to strike the right balance between a high-level business message and very detailed technical communication, whilst educating the market on Metamako’s technology and its advantages over their competitors. This led to a strategy focused on press coverage through interviews, contributed articles and press releases (mostly product announcements), as well as entering Metamako for specialist industry awards to build credibility for the product and the company.


With MIQ’s first-hand understanding of financial technology PR and the finance sector, we were able to pitch Meta mako’s messages to both detail-oriented technologists and to the business level, both of which were essential for Metamako’s success.

The relationship continued for five years, leading to the company’s acquisition by Arista, a listed US company. In these five years, MIQ was able to secure a vast number of coverage pieces, all in Metamako’s target press, which meant that the company and its products were in front of its desired audiences at all times.

  • Over 350 pieces of coverage, including:
  • Over 40 interviews resulting in coverage.
  • Press coverage in Waters Technology, Finextra, Traders Magazine,Deriv Source, Institutional Asset Manager, and many others.
  • Listed in KPMG 50 Top Fintech; named by Deloitte as one of the top 10 fastest growing Australian tech companies; winner of AFTAs 'Bestnew technology - Infrastructure’ award; winning ‘Best Trading Infrastructure Monitoring Platform’ award from Intelligent Trading Technology Awards and others.


"I have worked extensively with Moonlight, as both CEO and advisor at several financial technology companies in Europe and Asia (ITRS, Metamako, Velocimetrics). Moonlight’s broad market knowledge and extensive media network – both specialist and national – have enabled our brand and core messages to be articulated well and enjoy the broadest possible coverage. They have a depth of knowledge of the FinTech sector and proved invaluable in developing core and ongoing messaging and branding for complex products in niche global capital markets."

Kevin Covington

ITRS, Metamako, Velocimetrics.