Branding and Messaging

Moonlight IQ has time-tested experience in developing, planning and implementing messaging that has transformed the global market perception of our clients’ businesses and crystallised the way they position themselves in the media, against competitors, prospective clients and employees.

Messaging and Positioning

We have a proven track record of defining and crystallising clients’ messaging during intense workshops, developing the business strategy, producing collateral in line with the takeaways from these workshops and targeting specific media, topics and journalists to complement clients’ objectives. We develop the core values and communication to best show the clients’ value and uniqueness in the market.

Many of our clients have been bought as a result of our media strategy and messaging. Choosing to work with us ensures that your company promotes the right messages for maximum impact, visibility and, ultimately, success.

Web Design

Our experienced team of designers and content creators can help you show the world how you want to be seen and perceived.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver a creative approach that highlights the uniqueness of your brand.


Our designers will work with you to achieve the imagery that best suits your brand and highlights your value and your values.

Our team understands the design challenges a financial, technology or RegTech brand might face. This is why we know that to stand out you need more than quality artwork, you need a creative approach.

COntact Us

Client Awards

At Moonlight we have a great track record of writing award-winning entries for clients, enabling their products and services to be recognised as the best in the industry.

Our success with awards is demonstrated by our having helped 5 of our clients to win 11 awards and get 19 shortlistings in 2019.  We put this success down to our ability to grasp the key benefits of our clients’ products and services, and to clearly communicate how they stand out to experts and judges.