Case Study

Establishing Credibility and Building Brand Awareness in the Crypto Industry: A CoinLoan Case Study

CoinLoan, a regulated Estonian crypto company, approached Moonlight IQ (MIQ) in December 2021 with the aim of establishing industry trust and credibility, growing their user base, and differentiating their offerings from similar brands. CoinLoan's main focus was to be present in the relevant press and build brand visibility, and to accomplish this they utilised one of MIQ’s premium packages.


CoinLoan faced several challenges which led them to seek MIQ's assistance.

There was a general lack of trust in cryptocurrencies, and CoinLoan wanted to establish credibility as a regulated financial institution. CoinLoan lacked a strong media presence due to the company’s focus on creating and perfecting the product rather than promoting it through marketing efforts. The company needed to communicate the accessibility of its offering, no matter one’s technical prowess, and the benefits of expanding an investment portfolio to include crypto.  


Moonlight provided several solutions to help CoinLoan overcome these challenges. To establish credibility, MIQ positioned CoinLoan's executives as thought leaders through a combination of written articles and press comments. Moonlight also conducted surveys to establish customer satisfaction, helping CoinLoan grow and maintain its user base. MIQ issued a number of press releases to announce specific offers,differentiating CoinLoan's offerings from similar brands. To further drive home the company’s differentiation, MIQ researched and contacted dozens of industry comparison websites, ensuring CoinLoan was included on each of these sites.


Moonlight IQ leveraged journalist contacts to establish CoinLoan executives as go-to sources within their field.Over the course of 2022, CoinLoan regularly provided comments on industry trends and developments in publications such as CoinTelegraph, Forbes, Wired Magazine, The FinTech Times, and others. In total, CoinLoan provided 88 comments and interviews to a wide range of publications and CoinLoan executives were the subject of featured articles twice.


Through a combination of thought leadership, customer surveys and press releases, MIQ helped CoinLoan establish credibility, grow their user base, and differentiate their offerings from competitors. MIQ's efforts helped CoinLoan become a go-to source in the industry, cementing the brand's credibility and expanding its user base. MIQ's work contributed to CoinLoan's overall growth and continued success despite crypto market volatility.

"I made the right choice when I picked Moonlight as a PR partner for CoinLoan. Responsive, honest and professional team trying to do their very best to achieve results. Working with Moonlight felt like they are just a part of the in-house marketing team delivering the sense on reliability and deep understanding of the business goals. These guys are truly doing a good job!"

Alisa Pargentanyan

Marketing Manager at CoinLoan