As communications specialists, we assist with and guide our clients through all their marketing needs, always maintaining an effective approach, seeing marketing material through, from ideation to production and delivery.

We always deliver on time, even to the tightest of deadlines, creating marketing collateral of all kinds across numerous industries, delivering across continents and to different audiences. We have an extensive offering, from creating brochures and event stands from scratch, to getting our clients’ websites designed and live in just a few weeks.

Collateral and Awards

We help our clients develop collateral that describes their unique offerings through concise copy and intelligent design.

We are specialists in developing versatile, usable marketing materials, supporting  our clients in communicating with their marketplace, at events, and with potential investors. As part of our marketing strategy, we work with clients to identify suitable awards. We write the copy, ensuring it’s accurate and memorable, and take care of the administrative side. More often than not our clients get shortlisted and win against big names in their respective industries. 77% of the clients we submitted for awards since 2018 have been shortlisted or won.

Media training

We provide an individual and group communication coaching service which offers valuable interactions with the media through a detailed and personalised process.

At Moonlight IQ we know that our clients want to develop and improve their media skills and gain the confidence to effectively communicate their messages during interviews. We work with professional journalists who help us provide clients with effective workshops and an expert evaluation of their verbal responses, message control, body language and overall presentation.

Social media

We were the first communications company to use social media for B2B clients in financial markets.

At Moonlight IQ we don’t just create content and blogs for our clients’ websites or monitor their social media presence. We offer consulting and development of digital strategies based on clients’ needs and objectives. Through competitor research, industry trends and social media platform specifics, we are able to advise our clients on the best steps to take and the content which will achieve maximum engagement.


Moonlight IQ has organised a number of webcasts for clients and our media expertise has been recognised by many organisations with which we worked.

On occasion, our team has been called to other countries to assist our clients and other market players with webcasts.  One of the events we organised was a webcast in New York, with participants from STAC, IBM, Intel and Kx Systems (now part of First Derivatives).


Our innovative and creative approach has enabled us to organise successful events, some in famous London landmarks such as the Gherkin, Tower 42 and others.

We are experienced in organising events globally, and we’ve worked in numerous locations, including New York, London and a media roadshow across Asia.

Our work starts with research and ends well after the completion of the event. We oversee the entire organisational process, from inception to delivery, with a particular focus on media coverage. This approach has proven highly successful in raising our clients’ profiles.

COntact Us

Client Awards

At Moonlight we have a great track record of writing award-winning entries for clients, enabling their products and services to be recognised as the best in the industry.

Our success with awards is demonstrated by our having helped 5 of our clients to win 11 awards and get 19 shortlistings in 2019.  We put this success down to our ability to grasp the key benefits of our clients’ products and services, and to clearly communicate how they stand out to experts and judges.