what we Do



We accelerate growth and effectively communicate your value to the market.

Our work is defined by your success.

At Moonlight IQ, we create tailored media strategies to suit your specific goals, be it project-based or retainer, or a combination of the two. We work proactively with our clients to create a targeted brand and/or PR strategy based on market research and supported by implementation, measurement and reporting.

We deliver fast, quantifiable results with our financial and technology PR and communications expertise. Our aim is to raise your brand’s visibility, increase market awareness, and optimise your sales funnel by ensuring your unique value and differentiation are effectively communicated to the appropriate audiences.

To accomplish this,we position our clients as market leaders in their respective industries and highlight the unique values each brand brings to the market through targeted B2B and B2C campaigns. We identify and clearly define the benefits of each company to achieve your targets.

As a result of our work, a significant number of our clients have been acquired:

  • Metamako by Arista
  • Exablaze by Cisco
  • Velocimetrics by Beeks
  • Information Mosaic by Markit
  • Anvil by Ion
  • ITRS by the Carlyle Group
  • Horizon – management buy-out
  • Alacra by Opus Global
  • Cleartrade by Deutsche Borse
  • Kx Systems by First Derivatives
  • Logicscope by Markit
  • Chinsay by Sea/

Client Awards

At Moonlight IQ, we’re well versed in writing award-winning entries for clients, enabling their products and services to be recognised as the very best in the industry.

Our success with awards is demonstrated by our unbeatable track record: in the past two years, we have had an 80% success rate getting companies shortlisted or winning awards. We put this success down to our ability to grasp the key benefits of our clients’ products and services, and to clearly communicate how they stand out to experts and judges.