what we Do



We accelerate growth and effectively communicate your value to the market.

Our work is defined by your success journey.

We work proactively with clients on creating an effective strategy and key messaging, supported by implementation, measurement and reporting. We provide as much support to our clients as they require, including the complete management of all communications processes.

We deliver quantifiable results for our clients and we know you need to see the benefits quickly. Our aim is to create clear messaging for your USPs and communicate your differentiation, raising visibility and market awareness.

Our strategy is to establish our clients as market leaders in the industry and to highlight the unique values each brand brings to the market. We use clear benefits to define the value proposition of each company and to seed interest among prospects.

Client Awards

At Moonlight we have a great track record of writing award-winning entries for clients, enabling their products and services to be recognised as the best in the industry.

Our success with awards is demonstrated by our having helped 5 of our clients to win 11 awards and get 19 shortlistings in 2019.  We put this success down to our ability to grasp the key benefits of our clients’ products and services, and to clearly communicate how they stand out to experts and judges.