Finance & tech comms firm Moonlight IQ partners with Drebbel

Global finance and technology communications specialist, MoonlightIQ (Moonlight), announced today its new partnership with end-to-end FinTech sales services company, Drebbel. The partnership means the two firms can now offer a complete service for clients looking to increase their profile in the media and with industry influencers, whilst increasing sales and revenues.

The Drebbel and Moonlight combined expertise and experience will provide exceptional representation for clients. The outsourcing of specialist marketing, branding, sales and research has already resulted in effective lead generation, sales and account management.  Global companies, both big and small, will benefit from the sector knowledge and unique skill sets of the two companies.

Alla Lapidus, Co-founder and Director of Moonlight IQ, said: “It’s great to be working with Drebbel, as we share a focus on and expertise in what is a highly-complex and specialist sector. The possibility of offering a complete sales, marketing and communications service is a unique proposition in the financial and technology space and something that has been missing from the industry. Our global reach is wider now with the two companies working side-by-side, and will quickly bring advantages to clients.”

Willem Lambrechts, CEO and Co-Founder of Drebbel, said: “Effective sales needs to be supported by state-of-the-art marketing and communications. A success factor in awareness creation, prospection and sales is the message broadcast to the market and communicated to our prospects and clients. Recent joint successes with Moonlight IQ evidenced they are a perfect fit as a Drebbel partner.They combine profound expertise in PR with solid knowledge and a significant network in the finance sector. They share our values of professionalism and client focus.”

Moonlight IQ is a global agency specialising in financial and technology communications, with more than 20 years’ experience. Led by professionals with a background in trading, product development and communications, Moonlight is and has been helping clients achieve global exposure, with many clients winning prestigious industry awards and eventually being acquired.

Drebbel is an end-to-end sales company focused on the FinTech sector, offering market research and prospection, sales, and ongoing account management. With a network of professionals and industry influencers, it is able to quickly get companies and products in front of the right people. Drebbel’s mission is to provide a seamless, quality sales service to boost revenues and aid companies inconstantly growing and evolving.