Take the next step by showcasing your company's true benefits

The primary reason a prospective client approaches a vendor, be it a technology or finance vendor, is for the benefits they can get from the specific company. Broadly speaking, this might be saving a company money, helping the client make more money, make ‘life’ easier’ or provide tools to manage risk / meet regulatory requirements. This is why clearly stating benefits throughout the company’s communication is vital in attracting customers. As previously mentioned in our “Fintech consolidation trend: want more attention from potential acquirers?,” blog post, a large number of companies describe capabilities as benefits. This, from a communications perspective, is a wasted opportunity of connecting with the audience and catching their attention.

Oftentimes, when companies do not work with external entities on messaging, it is more difficult to distill the most important information. As someone that is involved in the company day-to-day, your perspective will naturally be more in-depth than a person’s who has only just learnt about your company or offering. This can lead to missing the most important points and over looking the real solutions you offer.

As a communications agency with 20+ years of experience, we have gone through numerous messaging sessions with clients. We are now sharing a rough guideline on how to extract benefits and, hopefully, help you communicate your USPs better. 

  • Client pain points – consider which specificproblems you solve for your clients.
  • Capabilities vs. results – it is not about whatclients can do using your product or service, it is about the results they get.
  • USPs – what do you offer that no one else does? Howdoes your client benefit from your USPs?

Once you are able to summarise the answers to the above points you should have a rough guide to the benefits that you should use in your communications. Too often companies tell you the things you can do with their technology, which is great, but that’s not enough. Capabilities only go so far, whereas benefits are what truly convinces someone to spend money.

Once you have your benefits list, we advise you continue extracting data to back up your statements and start creating case studies that highlight your contribution to client successes. There are many different content ideas that can evolve from a simple benefits list. If you would like to have a chat, our email inbox is always open enquiries@moonlightiq.com and we always answer our phones +44 20 7250 4770.