Case Study

Establishing Evidology Systems as a Disruptor in the Regtech Industry

Evidology Systems, a start-up RegTech firm, began working with Moonlight IQ (MIQ) in September 2019 with the aim of launching the company and its product, QED, and establishing the company as an industry disruptor through its revolutionary technology. The company also wanted to establish Rupert Brown, Evidology Systems' CEO, as a thought leader in the RegTech industry while driving interest in the company’s product. The company decided on MIQ’s basic package.


Evidology Systems came to MIQ with a number of issues. Most pressing was that the offering had no name and no defined USPs, making it difficult to differentiate it from other RegTech software. Evidology Systems had no media presence, and due to his previous roles in banks in which contact with the press was very limited, Rupert Brown was not recognised by journalists and industry press as a thought leader. Lastly, there was a lack of understanding of Evidology Systems' unique approach to the regulatory challenges of principles-based regulation and a lack of media buzz surrounding it, largely owing to the fact that the sector was uneducated about the issues surrounding regulations such as Dodd-Frank, FRTB and GDPR.


MIQ proposed several solutions. First, MIQ conducted a messaging session, named the product QED (Quality & Evidence Driven), created the strapline “Confidence in Compliance” to underscore its value and define its unique selling points and built a website. Because of the complete lack of public understanding about this wholly unique approach and the offering, a large percentage of time was spent building public awareness and educating the market within the target audience of specialist media, commentators and consultants. MIQ wrote and distributed targeted press releases, drafted whitepapers, and arranged interviews with journalists to support and better define the offering. Further, MIQ wrote a number of whitepapers including Evidology Systems’ November 2021 Continuous Compliance whitepaper to illustrate the company’s knowledge and understanding of the RegTech industry.

To establish Rupert Brown as a thought leader in this space, MIQ proposed several solutions. MIQ secured a monthly spot for Rupert Brown in the Global Risk Regulator (part of the FT group). Rupert also contributes articles to relevant industry publications on an ongoing basis, such as ISACA, to further establish his expertise. Additionally, MIQ drafted winning award entries for Evidology Systems, including TechRound Top 25 LegalTech companies and FinTech Global RegTech 100, which helped to further establish the company's credibility.


MIQ's solutions helped Evidology Systems become a trusted RegTech company in this competitive space. Since September 2019, the company has won or been shortlisted for 17 awards. Rupert Brown has written over 30 published articles, and has been featured in several industry publications, including, Global Risk Regulator, Global Finance, Future of Finance, and RegTech Insight.


Moonlight IQ's detailed brand strategy and PR know-how enabled Evidology Systems to define its offering and its USPs, establish brand credibility through article placements and comments, and drive interest in its product through the use of award wins and press releases. MIQ also helped educate Evidology Systems’ audience on the problems created by principles-based regulations. Evidology Systems' success is a testament to the effectiveness of MIQ's RegTech industry knowledge.


"Moonlight have been fundamental to communicating our ground-breaking vision for the future of Compliance. They are thorough and diligent in ensuring all potential channels are explored and fully exploited."

Rupert Brown

Founder and CTO of Evidology Systems

"I am CEO of a start-up in the Regulatory and Compliance sector. Moonlight have done a great job of getting us press (online and print) and social media exposure, enabling us to ‘punch above our weight’. We also used Moonlight for our initial launch where they provided strategic messaging and brand development, including marketing collateral, a new website and vital differentiation in a competitive sector. I have worked with Moonlight over many years whilst running small and larger companies in the financial technology sector and they have always done an excellent job. They are professional, very well connected to, and respected by, the journalist community and their clients. They always go above and beyond the norm for their profession."

Ian Hillier-Brook

CEO Evidology.