Case Study

Transforming Technical Expertise into Business Solutions: A Velocimetrics Case Study

Velocimetrics, a FinTech company providing in-stream financial transaction analytics and monitoring, engaged with Moonlight IQ (MIQ) in October 2018. The aim of the collaboration was for MIQ to offer communications support for the company as it worked to gain competitive advantage and established itself within the FinTech sector. Velocimetrics contracted us on a basic package.


Velocimetrics was an established company, but with little industry presence it was looking to gain brand visibility and credibility while educating the financial sector on the benefits and need for its offering. The challenge was to reach its target audience, the C-suite, most of whom had little technical expertise and convert them into clients.


MIQ identified that transforming technical jargon into a simplified message for the decision-makers and clearly explaining the benefits Velocimetrics offered was the best way forward. The solution was to create an all-encompassing communications strategy as permitted by budget, including:

  • Targeted interviews
  • Press releases
  • Award entries
  • Case studies
  • Social media management (LinkedIn and Twitter)


With MIQ’s expertise in financial technology PR, we were able to get Velocimetrics’ offering in front of trade press and its target audience. We worked with them for 21 months, during which we distributed over 20 press releases, including product announcements, award shortlists and wins, and client wins as well as securing interviews with trade press. The relationship continued until the company was acquired by Beeks Group. In a year and a half of working together, we were able to secure:

  • 14 awards shortlist or wins, including Risk Markets Technology Awards, FTF Awards, Network Computing Awards and more.
  • LinkedIn:
    ·        44% increase in Unique Visitors in March 2020 compared to February 2020
    ·        Increase in followers averaging 8% month-on-month.


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